Top 5 Easy DIY’s For Your Pillows and Cases


Ask any interior decorator, or seasoned home decorator and they will tell you pillows are the quickest way to brighten up a room, add some colour and give it a whole new look and feel. They also add a bit of warmth to the room, they are comforting.

Don’t be bound by traditional, boring square pillows when there are so many more options available. Round pillows are all the rage at the moment and will make a funky feature wherever you place them. Use your imagination and let your creativity flow.

Not only is this an inexpensive way to create a bit of warmth and drama in your room, it is a whole lot of fun to do. Let me share with you 5 super easy DIY ideas for your pillows and cases.

1. Think Outdoors

Weather permitting; there is nothing better than sitting and relaxing outside on the deck or porch. What you need however, is a bit of colour and definitely comfort. There is a great range of weather resistant fabrics available these days that are just perfect for outdoor pillows. Simply choose a colour or pattern that works for you and cut them into wedge shaped triangles, think pizza slices here. Sew them together and hey presto; you have a great pinwheel cushion to use on your outdoor seating.

Use them on deck chairs, benches or even on the ground. They are sure to brighten the area up and keep you comfortable for hours on end.

2. Jazz Up Your Couch

A few simple round pillows will do wonders on the couch. You can use them alone or mix them up with existing square pillows. Select an accent colour in the room or in the couch and choose a fabric to pick it up. There is no need to be conservative, you can mix up bold colours with geometric or floral patterns and use a variety of different sizes. There are no rules. Take a look here for further tips to enhance your home.

A few well-placed new pillows and people will think you have had the whole place redecorated.

3. Kitchen Comfort

Kitchens are a great place for family and friends to gather, especially while you are preparing delicious summertime meals. Often the seating is rather boring and generally quite uncomfortable. Solve this with a few round pillows.

Look at the existing colours in your kitchen, especially fabrics and find something to compliment the scheme. Consider using vinyl or a fabric that is easy to wipe clean as kitchen cushions can get grubby.

Round pillows are very versatile and will fit most chairs comfortably.

4. Fun Pillows for Kids

While the main thing children might want to do with them is pillow fights, making a few really cool pillows for the kids room can be a lot of creative fun. There are many ideas but chat to the children first and see if they have any great ideas. Go for bright pillows of all different sizes and incorporate their interests. There are some brilliant sporting pillows that are easy to make if that is their thing or you could look at animals or cartoon characters they love. Other popular ideas at the moment are big pillow eyes or camouflage print pillows.

Go for a tough, durable fabric so you are not afraid of a bit of rough play with them. If you use slip covers, you can always wash them every so often

5. Something for Fido

While you are on a roll with the pillows, don’t forget the poor dog. Round pillows are ideal for man’s best friend and they can curl up comfortably on a nice round pillow. Again, use a strong material and preferably something that can be slipped on and off in order to clean it.

As you can see there is a lot more to pillows than the simple square ones we have used for so many years. Look around for inspiration, be daring and have fun creating a few new and exciting pillows for the house