5 Indonesia’s Best Locations for Paragliding

5 Indonesia’s Best Locations for Paragliding

If you want to experience paragliding, you must come to one of these best locations.

Paragliding- As a tropical island, Indonesia has many lowland and highland areas with beautiful mountains and hills. Some of these highland Indonesia are widely used as tourist attractions, including paragliding spots.

It is not only popular nationally, a number of paragliding locations have even gone global where it attracts foreign tourists to try it out. So, where are the locations?

The highlands can arise due to various things, for example, the former caldera is then buried by mountain cliff material. It could also be due to erosion or sedimentation, but what is certain is that the air is very cold and refreshing. The air pressure is also suitable for paragliding.

Here are five locations that are used as outdoor sports venues, for those of you lovers of heights and want to feel the sensation … Read More

Airfare: Difference Between Domestic and International

Airfare: Difference Between Domestic and International

Airfare- Do you know the difference between domestic and international plane tickets? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

Difference between Domestic and International Tickets

Airline tickets have an important role that is used as travel equipment, proof of payment, and proof of getting air transportation services and facilities.

You need to know, that there are different types of airline tickets, and one of them is domestic and international tickets. These two tickets have differences that you may not be aware of.

The simple difference is, of course, the operational area. For domestic tickets, tickets are intended for domestic commercial flights or also known as domestic flights. Meanwhile, international tickets are commercial flight tickets between countries that must be done at international airports.

In addition to the operational area, the most distinguishing between domestic and international tickets are in terms of price. The difference between domestic and international tickets … Read More

Tours: 7 Typical Culinary Tours of Malang

Tours: 7 Typical Culinary Tours of Malang

TOURS- A vacation to Malang City seems to be missing something if you haven’t tasted its signature cuisine. There are many culinary delights that you can enjoy when you visit the second-largest city in East Java.

Malang culinary specialties are not difficult to find. Even though it is famous everywhere, the culinary delights of Malang will be more pronounced when tasted in their hometown.

Here are some typical Malang culinary tours that you must try. Don’t worry, it won’t dry out the bag. Because in addition to the distinctive taste, the price is cheap.

Legendary sticky rice post (Pos Ketan Legend)

The Legendary Sticky Rice Post is always crowded with visitors. This legendary cuisine is located around Batu Square, Malang City.

Not too fancy, but the taste is very distinctive. The main menu of Legenda Ketan Post is sticky rice which is added with various toppings such as durian, meses, … Read More

Switzerland 5 Most Beautiful and Romantic Cities

Switzerland's 5 Most Beautiful and Romantic Cities

Switzerland is a country in Central Europe that is a dream destination for many people because of its beauty.

In every corner of the city in Switzerland, as far as the eye can see stretches of beautiful villages, snow-covered mountains, to beautiful waterfalls.

Given its natural beauty, this place has become an inspiration for many painters and a fantasy for many writers.

In fact, every city in Switzerland tells a story of the country’s extraordinary beauty and history.

What are the most beautiful cities in Switzerland that must be on your holiday wishlist? Let’s see more.

Zurich is a beautiful city in Switzerland

Zurich is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, filled with a number of museums, theaters, cafes, and opera houses. The Old Town or Altstadt is the heart and soul of the city, where tourists usually walk down narrow cobbled alleys. The Muhlesteg Bridge here is … Read More

The Best Choice for Your Transportation at The Airport

What do you want the most after a long flight? We doubt that you want to carry your bags around the airport looking for a bus stop or free taxis with an adequate fee. Or you can rent a car, but spend a lot of time signing papers and finding the most convenient and safe road to the destination.

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The directions

Our service provides delivery to almost every tourist area near Denver and back to Denver International Airport. The full list of offers, as well as the rates, fleet, … Read More

Tours to the Rocky Mountains National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the best climbing and mountaineering areas in the United States. The Park is organized in a small but very picturesque area of the huge chain of the Rocky Mountains. It is situated in Colorado, the nearest town is Estes Park. The 1078 km2 park was founded in 1915.

About 3 million tourists annually visit the Park of Rocky Mountains. Many of them are limited to a ride on one of the local highways. But to get the most complete picture of the nature of the national park, you need to take the Rocky Mountain road trip or travel along the bike trail or hiking trail.

Tours to the Rocky Mountains National Park

The illustrious Rocky Mountains are a must-have in the wild West legends of which there are many. Those who really like mountains will surely admire the mountain landscapes, crystal clear … Read More

Horror Tourism in Indonesia that is Haunted

Horror Tourism in Indonesia that is Haunted. Indonesia not only has beautiful scenery and is the best natural tourist destination. In fact, this beloved archipelago country has many places, buildings, or historical sites that are not only rich in history but also awesomeness.

Horror Tourism in Indonesia

Lawang Sewu

Horror Tourism in Indonesia that is Haunted. Located in Semarang, this historical tourist spot as well as an icon of the city is an old building from the colonial era. Since its establishment in 1904, this building has looked strong and clean due to routine maintenance. Previously, this place served as the administrative office of the Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS), a Dutch railway company, and during the Japanese occupation, it changed its function to a prison. This European-style Artdeco-style building earned the nickname Lawang Sewu because it has around 429 doors with several doors reaching more than 1,200. Although it … Read More

The Easiest way to Order Airplane Tickets

The Easiest way to Order Airplane Tickets. When the body is unable to move, the mind is out of focus, and the heart is bored with daily activities, this is a sign that you need a vacation. Because you have to occasionally escape from life and see the world. The beauty of the world and not doing the same things will make you more grateful for life. Start your vacation by looking for a plane ticket that suits you. How to order flight tickets is actually not difficult, especially if you order via the tiket.com application

Search Flight Routes

The Easiest way to Order Airplane Tickets. First, after you have gathered your unanimous intention and determination, you can continue to open the tiket.com application. Click the airplane logo and then t-mates will be directed to the next page. Here, how to order flight tickets can be started by choosing the … Read More

Indonesian Tourist Places that are Similar to Other Places

Indonesian Tourist Places that are Similar to Other Places. Indonesia’s natural charm is no less than in other countries. There are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that offer exotic natural beauty. Here are some places that can be used as a reference for you to explore.

Morano Falls vs Niagara Falls

Morano Waterfall is located about 60 kilometers from Kendari. This tour resembles Niagara Falls. The difference is, at Maromo Waterfall, you can walk along the cliffs and feel the rushing water flowing at your feet. Hits, be careful, not to slip and fall into the flowing water.

Wasur vs Kangaroo National Park Australia

Want to see Australian kangaroos but don’t want to go overseas? In Wasur National Park, there are animal species that live in eastern Indonesia. One of them is the kangaroo which is similar to the Australian kangaroo. This similarity is proof that the continent … Read More

Travel Destinations in Indonesia that are Rarely Known

Travel Destinations in Indonesia that are Rarely Known. Indonesia is rich in nature and will never run out to be explored. Lots of hidden gems or hidden tourist paradise in Indonesia waiting to be visited. The following are recommendations from thousands of tourist destinations in Indonesia that are rarely known

Lake Kakaban, East Kalimantan

The first hidden tourism in Indonesia is a freshwater lake on Kakaban Island, Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. Unlike other lakes which are usually inhabited by fresh fish, this lake is inhabited by jellyfish.

Pink Beach, East Nusa Tenggara

Travel Destinations in Indonesia that are Rarely Known. Talking about tourism on Komodo Island, what must have crossed your mind is the excitement of witnessing this endemic Indonesian animal up close. However, on this island, there is still a hidden tourist paradise of Indonesia that is still rarely known to people, namely beaches with pink sand. Around … Read More

The Most Favorite Mountain in Indonesia

The Most Favorite Mountain in Indonesia. The natural scenery in Indonesia can not only be obtained from the beaches. The Most Favorite Mountain in Indonesia also has an amazing charm. Starting from the view of the sunrise, cliffs, green meadows, to beautiful views from the top of the mountain. Of the many mountains in Indonesia, some of them are the most favorite tourist attractions.

Mount Bromo, East Java

This is one of the most favorite mountains in Indonesia. This mountain is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java. Many local and foreign tourists flock here to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise. No need to worry about being tired of traveling around the Mount Bromo area, there are many jeeps and horses that you can rent to get around to enjoy its beauty.

Mount Semeru, East Java

Still in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area, the … Read More

Flight Centre

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In 1947, a pilot flying over the Cascades saw nine metallic flying objects traveling at an estimated 1,200 miles per hour. More examples The objects travel in elliptical orbits. We like to travel in the autumn when there are fewer tourists. It’s often quicker to travel across country and avoid the major roads altogether. More examples I like to travel but, then again, I’m very fond of my home. Read separate guidance about what you need to do to travel to England.


More examples It can be difficult to predict the travel of smoke from smouldering fires. Passes are available for one month’s unlimited travel within Europe. His work provided him with the opportunity for a lot of foreign travel. The price includes travel and accommodation but meals are extra . White light separates out into its component wavelengths when traveling through a prism.

Despite being one of the smallest … Read More

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Best Student Flight Deals & Discounts

Yes, discount codes can be used on air travel with Alternative Airlines when using PayPal at checkout, on Frontier airlines tickets, Cathay Pacific and even Spirit Airlines for example. First search for flights from your chosen airport to your desired destination in the Alternative Airlines’ Search Bar above. Then make sure to select the promo code that matches the currency you wish to pay in . Then select PayPal and PayPal Credit at the checkout page and apply the code in the ‘Promo Code’ box that appears and get discounted flights simply, quickly and securely. The codes can also be used on various German airlines such as Air Berlin, Lufthansa and Eurowings.

flight discount

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Cheap Flights Low Fare Finder 2022

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Cruise Holidays & Deals 2021

Choose from over 380 destinations across the globe, explore beyond the beaten track, embrace local cultures and cuisines, lose yourself in relaxation and be made to feel at home, every step of the way. Olsen Cruise Lines is a beloved favourite in the British cruise market, offering guests a traditional cruising experience from many ports across the UK. We are continually reviewing our flying schedules, taking into account the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advice against all non-essential travel. Depending on when you are due to travel, your holiday may be affected and we’ll email you to let you know as least 21 days before travel. With many customers needing our help, we are prioritising those customers due to travel before 31 December 2020.

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Cheap Flights To Europe From £17

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Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets & Airfare Deals

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