Horror Tourism in Indonesia that is Haunted

Horror Tourism in Indonesia that is Haunted. Indonesia not only has beautiful scenery and is the best natural tourist destination. In fact, this beloved archipelago country has many places, buildings, or historical sites that are not only rich in history but also awesomeness.

Horror Tourism in Indonesia

Lawang Sewu

Horror Tourism in Indonesia that is Haunted. Located in Semarang, this historical tourist spot as well as an icon of the city is an old building from the colonial era. Since its establishment in 1904, this building has looked strong and clean due to routine maintenance. Previously, this place served as the administrative office of the Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS), a Dutch railway company, and during the Japanese occupation, it changed its function to a prison. This European-style Artdeco-style building earned the nickname Lawang Sewu because it has around 429 doors with several doors reaching more than 1,200. Although it … Read More

The Easiest way to Order Airplane Tickets

The Easiest way to Order Airplane Tickets. When the body is unable to move, the mind is out of focus, and the heart is bored with daily activities, this is a sign that you need a vacation. Because you have to occasionally escape from life and see the world. The beauty of the world and not doing the same things will make you more grateful for life. Start your vacation by looking for a plane ticket that suits you. How to order flight tickets is actually not difficult, especially if you order via the tiket.com application

Search Flight Routes

The Easiest way to Order Airplane Tickets. First, after you have gathered your unanimous intention and determination, you can continue to open the tiket.com application. Click the airplane logo and then t-mates will be directed to the next page. Here, how to order flight tickets can be started by choosing the … Read More

Indonesian Tourist Places that are Similar to Other Places

Indonesian Tourist Places that are Similar to Other Places. Indonesia’s natural charm is no less than in other countries. There are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that offer exotic natural beauty. Here are some places that can be used as a reference for you to explore.

Morano Falls vs Niagara Falls

Morano Waterfall is located about 60 kilometers from Kendari. This tour resembles Niagara Falls. The difference is, at Maromo Waterfall, you can walk along the cliffs and feel the rushing water flowing at your feet. Hits, be careful, not to slip and fall into the flowing water.

Wasur vs Kangaroo National Park Australia

Want to see Australian kangaroos but don’t want to go overseas? In Wasur National Park, there are animal species that live in eastern Indonesia. One of them is the kangaroo which is similar to the Australian kangaroo. This similarity is proof that the continent … Read More