5 Indonesia’s Best Locations for Paragliding

5 Indonesia’s Best Locations for Paragliding

If you want to experience paragliding, you must come to one of these best locations.

Paragliding- As a tropical island, Indonesia has many lowland and highland areas with beautiful mountains and hills. Some of these highland Indonesia are widely used as tourist attractions, including paragliding spots.

It is not only popular nationally, a number of paragliding locations have even gone global where it attracts foreign tourists to try it out. So, where are the locations?

The highlands can arise due to various things, for example, the former caldera is then buried by mountain cliff material. It could also be due to erosion or sedimentation, but what is certain is that the air is very cold and refreshing. The air pressure is also suitable for paragliding.

Here are five locations that are used as outdoor sports venues, for those of you lovers of heights and want to feel the sensation of flying, it’s highly recommended to visit there.

1. Lawang Peak

West Sumatra has one of the hills that has been used as the location of an international paragliding competition, its name is Puncak Lawang (Lawang Peak) which is located in Agam Regency. Its height reaches 1,210 meters above sea level, with wavy contours.

From the top of the peak, you can also see the view of Lake Maninjau which is calm and vast.

2. Santiong Hill

The second location is in West Java, precisely in Subang Regency, which is called Bukit Santiong (Santiong Hill). You can feel the breeze and enjoy the beauty of Subang Regency from a height.

The height of this hill reaches 150 meters above sea level, where besides paragliding you can also do various other activities such as kite flying, hang gliding, and many more.

If you want to challenge your adrenaline, playing this extreme sport costs 400,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) for one person. and is accompanied by an expert. The best time to try it is early morning or late afternoon.

3. Mount Kelimutu

You can also experience paragliding attractions as well as enjoy direct views of the twin lakes in the area of Mount Kelimutu which you can find in East Nusa Tenggara. To reach the location is also very convenient, and with a wide expanse of hills, it can be sure that your trip will be priceless.

4. Kelam Hill

West Kalimantan also has the best paragliding location, named Kelam Hill, in Sintang Regency. If you’ve ever been to Australia, you may have heard of Ayers Rock. Kelam Hill has a similar view to that location and it’s even more mesmerizing.

With a height of 1,002 meters above sea level, this location is also in demand as a climbing area.

5. Parangtritis Hill

With a height of 900 meters above sea level, this place is located in Giricahyo Village, Purwosari, Mount Kidul, Yogyakarta. Reaching this location takes about 5 to 8 hours of travel if you depart from Yogyakarta.

This location has a very beautiful view, especially if you’d like to see the sunset. As for paragliding, it depends on wind speed. Usually, you can carry it out from morning to evening.

For beginners, you will be accompanied by experts to be able to fly using these sports equipment. Interested in challenging the adrenaline at some of the best paragliding locations? As you get here, you will witness a tropical paradise for unforgettable vacations because its calming atmosphere and view won’t be disappointing.