Indonesian Tourist Places that are Similar to Other Places

Indonesian Tourist Places that are Similar to Other Places. Indonesia’s natural charm is no less than in other countries. There are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that offer exotic natural beauty. Here are some places that can be used as a reference for you to explore.

Morano Falls vs Niagara Falls

Morano Waterfall is located about 60 kilometers from Kendari. This tour resembles Niagara Falls. The difference is, at Maromo Waterfall, you can walk along the cliffs and feel the rushing water flowing at your feet. Hits, be careful, not to slip and fall into the flowing water.

Wasur vs Kangaroo National Park Australia

Want to see Australian kangaroos but don’t want to go overseas? In Wasur National Park, there are animal species that live in eastern Indonesia. One of them is the kangaroo which is similar to the Australian kangaroo. This similarity is proof that the continent of Australia was once a mainland with Indonesia.

Green Canyon

The name of this one tourist spot is Green Canyon but it is very far away, one is in Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java while the other is in the United States. Its beauty is not inferior to that in the United States. Here, you can go along the river where the water looks green by boat. Besides that, you can also swim and fish in this tourist area.

Parang Kusumo vs the Sahara Desert

Indonesian Tourist Places that are Similar to Other Places. In Indonesia, there is a desert? Seriously? Yep! This desert in Indonesia is located in Yogyakarta and is named Parang Kusumo. Its beauty resembles that of the Sahara Desert. As long as the eye can see you can see a stretch of sand up to 15 kilometers.

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Mount Padang vs Machu Picchu

This tourist spot presents the stones that form a building collapse and is located on the top of a mountain. Situ Gunung Padang is very similar to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Baluran National Park vs Africa Offshore

It turns out that in Java, there are areas that resemble Africa. Baluran National Park offers a savanna that is inhabited by wild animals. The scenery you see is so amazing as you are traveling to Africa. Even though the location is far different, these tourist spots have similarities when seen and of course, the beauty offered is not inferior to the others.