Airfare: Difference Between Domestic and International

Airfare: Difference Between Domestic and International

Airfare- Do you know the difference between domestic and international plane tickets? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

Difference between Domestic and International Tickets

Airline tickets have an important role that is used as travel equipment, proof of payment, and proof of getting air transportation services and facilities.

You need to know, that there are different types of airline tickets, and one of them is domestic and international tickets. These two tickets have differences that you may not be aware of.

The simple difference is, of course, the operational area. For domestic tickets, tickets are intended for domestic commercial flights or also known as domestic flights. Meanwhile, international tickets are commercial flight tickets between countries that must be done at international airports.

In addition to the operational area, the most distinguishing between domestic and international tickets are in terms of price. The difference between domestic and international tickets in terms of price can be quite far apart. International tickets have a relatively cheaper price than domestic tickets.

For example, for you, the cheapest ticket from Jakarta to Yogyakarta is IDR 500,000, while the cheapest ticket from Jakarta to Singapore is IDR 250,000.

This in itself is not without reason, at least, there are 3 reasons why domestic tickets can have a high price difference from international tickets.

A different facet of marketing

International airlines use the very deep product and price mixes. International airlines can provide gimmick promo tickets of one rupiah or one dollar with limited seats.

For example, there is an airline that sells international tickets for Aceh – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta for IDR 700,000. However, the airline limits the number of seats available for this price.

The difference between domestic and international airfare in the fare method is why international tickets can be more affordable. As for domestic tickets, airlines display prices without any ticket gimmick. The price is available for a large number of seats, not limited.

In addition to the fare gimmick, several countries also set incentives for airlines that land in their country. Because they think this can bring tourists to the country.

There is VAT

The difference between domestic and international tickets in terms of the second rate is the VAT of 10%. For international tickets, taxes do not apply like VAT. In the absence of VAT like this, it is clear that international ticket prices can be cheaper.

This is also why the frequency of international flights is higher.

High fan

It is undeniable, that domestic tickets have more fans than international tickets. But how big the interest is not available with the availability of airlines with big schedules. Unlike overseas where airlines with large schedules can be available in many.

Buying Tickets for business trips

As a worker in today’s era, it’s no secret that you have high mobility. So that requires doing business trips both domestically and internationally. Where you have to rely on it in various situations and conditions, such as when you need ticket reservations, ticket reservations on holidays, and also 24-hour service that is always available.