Discover modern art in Amsterdam

If you are planning your next visit to Amsterdam, it is very likely that you already have some museums on the list of places you want to visit. Today we are going to talk about a young museum that becoming more and more popular. The Moco Museum was born in 2016 at the hand of Lionel and Kim Logchies, owners of the Lionel Gallery. It is a space that is created with the mission to demonstrate that art can be appreciated by all kinds of people regardless of their age or where they come from. In this museum, you can enjoy modern art in Amsterdam in a very original way that you will not see anywhere else in the world. It is precisely this that has made this young museum gain so much attention in such a short time.

Spaces designed to generate change

One of the problems with old art museums is that they don’t usually leave you with some kind of thought or idea that makes you improve some part of your life. Art should motivate people. The Moco Museum focuses its efforts on achieving this. Not only that the people who visit their facilities have a good time, but also, they take something away with them. Something that makes their lives much better. The different pieces of art exhibited in this museum are a reference to modern art Amsterdam. For example, the pieces of Banksy or the psychedelic design of Studio Irma in her work Reflecting Forward; makes this museum stand out from the rest.

Why visit this modern art in Amsterdam?

Even if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to step foot in a museum, you’ll find something unique about this one. We’re not talking about some guy who ripped his ear off. The art on display at the Moco Museum’s facility aims to create awareness. Their goal is for people to see that there are two sides to a coin and that there is not always one truth. That’s how intense this museum is. Thinking it will be boring? We assure you it will be a lot of fun to see a giant Gummy Bear. In short, modern art in Amsterdam has gained momentum thanks to this museum. A museum that, since its birth, has managed to prove that everyone can enjoy art and get something out of it. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it on your next trip to Amsterdam.