Gregor Clegane


Gregor also wears armor larger and thicker than regular knights would be able to put on, offering him almost impenetrable protection towards his opponents. However, his brother Sandor Clegane (who is also incredibly giant and strong, although not to the same extent as Gregor) was proven to have the ability to duel him evenly. In addition, Gregor’s lack of technical skill allowed Oberyn Martell to overwhelm him in their duel, as Oberyn’s distinctive style of combat relied closely on maneuverability and he used a spear to stay out of Gregor’s reach.

In anger, he bashes in Qyburn’s skull whereas Cersei flees previous each of the brothers. When Jaime made it clear to Cersei that he would join the battle in opposition to the military of the dead with or without her, Clegane all of a sudden prevents him from leaving the room.

Tywin suggests that Gregor can also be an alcoholic, when instructing Arya Stark to maintain Gregor from getting drunk. In the following duel, Sandor proves himself higher at sword preventing than Gregor and stabs him, however he does not die due to his reanimation.

During the Battle of King’s Landing, Gregor stays by Cersei’s aspect to protect her. After Qyburn convinces her to flee from the Red Keep, he protects them both from the particles falling on account of the Red Keep crumbling as a result of Drogon’s attack.

They are however confronted by Sandor who slays all the surviving Kingsguard except Gregor who stays at Cersei’s aspect. Gregor wishes to battle Sandor but Cersei and Qyburn order him to protect her.

  • Finally, Prince Oberyn Martell approaches Tyrion and volunteers to be his champion, as he needs to avenge his sister.
  • He also states that during the Sack of King’s Landing, his sister was raped and murdered by Gregor.
  • Oberyn Martell discusses with Tyrion how the last time he was in King’s Landing, it was for the marriage of his sister Elia to Rhaegar Targaryen.
  • Oberyn believes that Tyrion’s father, Tywin, was the one to provide the order to the Mountain.
  • Tyrion then asks his friend Bronn to be his champion, but he too refuses, arguing that the Mountain is an incredibly harmful fighter, one that may price him his life if he makes a single mistake.

Volcanic Mountains[change

Gregor’s quick fuse and utter lack of a conscience often showed his lack of honor, similar to when he tried to homicide Loras Tyrell after already dropping a joust against him. Robb Stark describes Gregor as a “mad canine without a strategic thought in his head”, while Jaime Lannister quips that Gregor had difficulties understanding full sentences. It is ironic that it’s Sandor Clegane who’s nicknamed ‘The Hound’ when Sandor is no less than able to logical speculation and customary sense, and it’s Gregor who is at the absolute mercy of his animalistic rages and impulses. Gregor is nicely-known for his brutal and savage nature, remorselessly killing unarmed opponents half his size or main the torture of helpless villagers.

Gregor proceeds to brutally thrash and choke Sandor who stabs him many instances in useless. While making an attempt to crush Sandor’s skull, Gregor is stabbed via his left eye, though even this fails to kill him and Gregor begins to tug the blade out. Seeing this Sandor tackles Gregor right into a crumbling wall, leading to the each of them falling from the Red Keep tower to their deaths within the burning chasm under.

Often referred to as “Tywin Lannister’s mad canine”, Gregor has an insatiable bloodlust that he releases through acts of utmost violence. He is fast to anger and never exhibits any concern of performing on it, since nobody dares cease him. Gregor can be loyal to Qyburn and Cersei, following the experiments carried out on him to stop his death. His extremely violent and ruthless personality had even manifested as a toddler, shortly becoming known for his superhuman power and extremely huge measurement. Gregor even burned his own brother’s face once they have been youngsters merely for enjoying with considered one of Gregor’s toys.