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First, changing your default post category is best done prior to launching your blog. If you already have a bunch of “Uncategorized” posts, it’s a good idea to consult your website administrator before following these steps. Second, we’re using WordPress 3.3.1 for these instructions. Scholars argue that the categorization process starts at a young age when children start to learn about the world and the people around them.

  • Categorization of subsequent stimuli is determined by selecting the category whose prototype is most similar to the stimulus.
  • It participates in the reduction of the multitude of ethnicities to a few categories based mostly on people’s skin color.
  • If you’re using WordPress, it’s very easy to just open the post and select a new category.

Ordinary categories, however, such as “dogs,” have abundant examples of nonmembers . So it is possible to learn, by trial and error, with error-correction, to detect and define what distinguishes dogs from non-dogs, and hence to correctly categorize them. This kind of learning, called reinforcement learning in the behavioral literature and supervised learning in the computational literature, is fundamentally dependent on the possibility of error, and error-correction. https://www.wikipedia.org/ Miscategorization—examples of nonmembers of the category—must always exist, not only to make the category learnable, but for the category to exist and be definable at all. Conceptual clustering is closely related to fuzzy set theory, in which objects may belong to one or more groups, in varying degrees of fitness. A cognitive approach accepts that natural categories are graded and inconsistent in the status of their constituent members.

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Category learning researchers have proposed various theories for how humans learn categories. Prevailing theories of category learning include the prototype theory, the exemplar theory, and the decision bound theory. If categorization research investigates how categories are maintained and used, the field of category learning seeks to understand how categories are acquired in the first place. https://www.lapulqueria.org/ To accomplish this, researchers often employ novel categories of arbitrary objects (e.g., dot matrices) to ensure that participants are entirely unfamiliar with the stimuli. Category learning researchers have generally focused on two distinct forms of category learning. Classification learning tasks participants with predicting category labels for a stimulus based on its provided features.


When you have blog posts listed as “Uncategorized,” it simply looks like you forgot to classify the post. Realistically, that’s the purpose of having the default category “Uncategorized” exist in the first place. It’s meant as a catchall in case you forget to classify the post. But remember, blog categories are meant to be useful to your readers. Having a blog post classified as “Uncategorized” is about as unhelpful as it gets.

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Children learn how to know people according to categories based on similarities and differences. Social categories made by adults also impact their understanding of the world. They learn about social groups by hearing generalities about these groups from their parents. They can then develop prejudices about people as a result of these generalities.