Important Tips For Those Who Want A Cruise Ship Vacation


Cruise- For those of you who have saved vacation funds during this pandemic, you should start planning a vacation next year when the situation is much better. In order not to get bored, you can try a vacation on a cruise ship.

Among the forms of vacation, there is one way that is now starting to be glimpsed, which is to try the exciting experience of spending time on a cruise ship. Navigating the ocean with a cruise ship will be a new experience for most of us. Moreover, for those of us who live in urban areas or are used to a rural life that is full of land transportation. Riding a ship, especially a cruise ship, must be fun.

Well, if you are interested in trying a cruise ship tour package, don’t make the wrong choice. There are several tips that you need to know before you decide to buy a cruise ship tour package.

1. For Beginners, Try the Short Route

This first tip is intended for beginners or for people who are not used to boarding ships. It would be nice, first, to try the short routes taken by cruise ships. For example, take a cruises ship package with the route Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Phuket. Although the route is short, it has already passed through three countries. Interesting right? To know more information about technology computers you can visit this site

Short routes like Singapore-Thailand are not only taken in a matter of hours. The sailing time from Singapore to Phuket in Thailand can take up to three nights.

2. Adjust the Budget

Continuing with the first tip, you have to choose a cruise ship package according to the contents of your pocket. Currently, there are many cruise ship packages at affordable prices. For example, a three-day, three-night package from Singapore to Phuket can be purchased with an initial price of around IDR 4 million. Of course, this is outside the budget that you have to prepare to go to Singapore as a port of departure and return tickets later from Thailand to Indonesia.

3. No Need to Bring Valuable Items

Like vacationing in other destinations, staying on a cruise ship also requires extra caution. Don’t just think you’re in a closed area then everything is safe. There is no need to bring valuable items that are not essential. Keep important documents such as passports and ATM cards in a safe place, for example in the lockers provided in the rooms.

4. Prepare Semi-Formal Clothes

Traveling on a cruise ship is indeed quite special. There are special moments where the ship’s crew holds semi-formal events. For example, a dance event that requires you to dress semi-formal or formal. Therefore, just in case, bring semi-formal clothes. Or if you want to be more certain, ask the tour service provider about the agenda of events that will be held while the cruise ship is sailing.

5. Avoid Shopping on Cruise Ships

For those of you who use the principle of anti-waste, then avoid shopping on a cruise ship. The price must be much more expensive than goods on land. So, if you purely want to feel the sensation of a cruise ship, then make sure you already have a variety of daily necessities before boarding the ship. If necessary, provide some snacks to accompany your days on the ship. Every now and then shopping is actually not a problem, of course if you have prepared the budget.

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