Legal and Political Theory MA

They also provide a strong foundation for students who wish to take the Solicitors Qualifying Examinations . Combining Politics and Law opens up a wide range of career opportunities, including legal practice. Kent Law School has a specialist Law Clinic and Mooting programme, which allow you to experience both real and simulated legal practise. The School of Politics and International Relations and the Law School each have a dedicated Employability Officer to help and support students in finding suitable careers and making the most of the skills they have developed through the programme.

politic law

This module is designed to provide an understanding of the interrelationship between political theory and law in modernity. Drawing upon political theory it explores ideas of law, power, resistance, community, sovereignty and the subject. In so doing, the module seeks to equip students with the necessary intellectual tools for deploying insights from political theory and philosophy to the study of law. This module will provide students with access to a comprehensive programme of study which will examine fundamental principles of the law of evidence, amd analyse a number of important and controversial issues in the modern law.

Introduction to Political Concepts and Theory

This module continues the induction process and offers the students an opportunity to obtain information about careers and personal development. Formal assessment on this module is by an online assessment exercise and coursework. Criminal law is the body of statute and common law that has developed in an attempt to protect society from certain activities that have been deemed socially harmful. The module develops students’ knowledge of the criminal law, and essential skills for legal study.

  • On your application form, please list all your relevant qualifications and experience, including those you expect to achieve.
  • It charts the emergence of human rights arguments through legal, social and political theory, and examines how these discourses have informed the creation of national and international law.
  • This programme allows you to combine these fascinating topics within the interdisciplinary environment of the School of Law and Politics.
  • It will also expose students to international and foreign law perspectives, placing English law in a global context.
  • You can also take advantage of the rich research collections nearby, including those of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Senate House Library, the British Library of Political and Economic Science and the British Library.

This provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate team work and individual study as well as encouraging students to develop their capacity to read, write and think in an academic environment, preparing them for modules at degree level in future years. It combines legal analysis and the transmission of practical legal skills with a highly contextual and interdisciplinary understanding of the labour law and regulatory debates around labour regulation. To that end, workshops will feature extended discussion on key aspects of contemporary labour legislation using scholarly texts. The module will also explore selected aspects of collective labour law including the role and status of trade unions, the legal regulation of collective bargaining and/or the regulation of industrial conflict.

Information for international students

The module considers these and other topics after having explored tort law’s most important tort in detail. Much of the module is devoted to a detailed exploration of the elements of and legal concepts related to that tort. The assessed coursework will be an extended problem question relating to the tort of negligence where students will be required to use their learning to formulate a variety of legal arguments and to predict the likely outcome. This module will offer a one-week overview of Contract law doctrine by reviewing the essentials of contract law gained by students in Introduction to Contract and Tort and provide an overview of the lectures to follow.