Playing with dolphins in Jamaica


Tourists visiting Jamaica will be able to participate in unique dolphins encounters and swimming sessions in locations such as Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. You can have a swim with dolphin experience in Jamaica. Here guests can spend their vacation touring Dolphin Cove in both locations, or they can book a stay at Moon Palace Jamaica, which has its own dolphin habitat at Dolphin Cove, for direct private access to this amazing animal.

Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef

Dolphin Cove near Ocho Rios, Jamaica’s North Shore, is a popular tourist destination, offering a variety of activities where guests can interact and swim with the dolphins in Jamaica Ocho Rios. And, Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef provides three fantastic dolphin programs and just added a fantastic shark program! there you can see dolphins playing, and stroll the Jungle Trail or relax on one of Ocho Rios’ best beaches.

Splash around with dolphins, sharks, and rays. There, you can rent a small boat to explore the Caribbean Sea and play in the turquoise sea, or you can relax on the pearl white beach.

A wonderful setting against the lovely North Coast of Jamaica. At “Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef,” you may see and play with a family of Bottlenose Dolphins in their natural home in the Caribbean Sea.

1. The “Encounter Touch” program

Visitors can “touch” friends and have a close-up experience with dolphins on a shallow (knee-deep) water platform.

2. The “Swimming Encounter” Program

Gives visitors an experience of swimming with dolphins, playing and splashing with dolphins in an enclosed space.

3. “Swim With” Program

Which allows visitors to swim with dolphins in two actual bays.

Visitors are allowed to enjoy a variety of activities, which include dolphin kissing, leg push/back push, and playtime. Guests are allowed to pet, feed, carry and snorkel with the sharks under the careful supervision of our professional trainers as well as the opportunity to snorkel with these ferocious creatures in their own habitat. If you want to visit, it’s best to place an order in advance. And make reservations online.

Not only play and swim with dolphins in Jamaica, but you can also visit “Little Port Royal” a replica of Jamaica’s most famous pirate “Haunt”. You can enjoy the rhythm of Caribbean Music. Holding, and feeding the stingrays. There also provides free snorkels and masks so visitors can swim among these graceful creatures.

Watch the brave Pirates interact with dangerous sharks. Stroll through the Jungle Trail and interact with exotic birds, snakes, and iguanas. Hunt for treasure in the “Little Port Royal” pirate village and watch the dolphins play.

If you want to enter Dolphin Cove in Treasure Reef you can see:

  • Access to Sandy Beach
  • Dolphins at Play
  • Fashion show
  • Kayak Under Glass
  • Interactive Session with Stingrays
  • Forest Trail
  • Mini Boat Ride
  • Pirate Antics
  • Shark Show
  • Snorkeling

Half Moon Resort

A dolphin performance is available at the Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay. Half Moon provides a dolphin communication program called “Beach Faces,” which is aimed specifically toward younger children or those with limited swimming ability. The “Deep Water” here will allow you to spend more time swimming with the dolphins. Half Moon also offers “Private Swim,” in which just 2-4 people swim with dolphins. All you have to do is make a reservation with the Half Moon staff.

Before that, you must know how to enjoy swimming with dolphins, so that your vacation is memorable.


Interaction with dolphins has become a favorite activity among cruise ship passengers landing in Caribbean ports. It was the greatest place to get acclimated to and meet them in this water. But why is swimming with dolphins such an exciting experience for you?

Smart Mammals

They can form emotional ties with each other and experience human-like emotions like humor and emotion as well as anger and fear.

Choose a Location

Dolphin Discovery has 21 different dolphin habitats in the Caribbean and Pacific, allowing for a spectacular diving experience with dolphins for several hours. The company’s objective is to share exceptional experiences that are environmentally friendly. Choose a location where you can interact with dolphins in person and make sure the caretaker is an expert.

Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery provides three marine sites and habitats on the island of Jamaica. And, Dolphin Cove Montego Bay and Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios are both accessible from cruise ship ports. Always under the supervision of animal care specialists and guides who are concerned about dolphins’ welfare.

Animal Care Specialist

Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios, Jamaica is a great place to swim with dolphins. Animal care specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

Emotional Experience

The pros at Dolphin Cove will give you a life jacket, which all guests are required to wear. While in the water, you should relax and feel at ease. You don’t have to be a great swimmer to have a good time and enjoy the activity.

Things You Should Know

If you are pregnant or have heart or back problems, you can still enjoy an outstanding dolphin swimming experience, albeit you will be unable to do some activities, such as pushing your feet, for your safety. Keep in mind that dolphin skin is extremely sensitive. As a result, you should avoid applying sunscreen, perfume, baby oil, or lotion when swimming with dolphins because these can irritate them. In the same way, you should remove your jewelry and not bring any mobile devices into the water. The only thing you should wear is your bathing suit. Everything else must be removed from the water.
TIP: For encounters with men, it is recommended that ladies wear complete bathing suits rather than two-piece swimsuits.


This is your chance to interact with the dolphins! At Dolphin Cove, experts are watching you and the Dolphin around the clock. So, You are allowed to kiss and hug the dolphins and even walk with them, with the assurance that both of you will have a great time. What are you waiting for? Book your dolphin swimming experience now and make your dreams come true! Swimming with dolphins is an amazing experience. If you enjoy water and animals, you will definitely enjoy the experience. All you have to do is choose a good time and place. It will be an unforgettable memory, especially like moments that are very precious for a lifetime.