Rocky Mountains


His monstrous power and size have been unmatched, and was some of the powerful and harmful folks within the Seven Kingdoms. He was feared all through Westeros with a reputation for ferocity, brutality and anger.

He has dedicated unspeakable acts of violence, corresponding to brutally torturing his victims to death, viciously raping girls and murdering youngsters. He was a fiercely loyal retainer and servant of House Lannister, significantly to Lord Tywin.

The following graph ranks the international locations by variety of mountain peaks over 7,200 metres (23,622 ft) above sea stage. Note that 38 peaks are on de facto borders and two (Jongsong Peak and Sia Kangri) are on tripoints.

Sea level nearer to the equator is several kilometres farther from the centre of the Earth. Both have elevations above sea stage more than 2 km less than that of Everest. Not to be confused with List of tallest mountains on Earth. For the Solar System, see List of tallest mountains within the Solar System.


  • At decrease elevations, nonetheless, some mountains are able to present refuges for more ancient biota displaced by environmental adjustments.
  • Known as “the Mountain That Rides”, Gregor is one of Tywin Lannister’s chief enforcers.
  • Also, mountainous vegetation normally has been affected less by human activities than the encompassing areas and so may harbour crops and animals which were driven out by anthropogenic disturbances that have occurred elsewhere.
  • In the tv series, Cersei’s new Kingsguard is not given a name, and what is seen of his face through his helmet matches that of Gregor, somewhat confirming that Gregor and Strong are the identical man.

Mountain nonetheless performs sometimes with Leslie West, Bobby Rondanelli and Rev Jones. On June 20, 2011, West had his decrease proper leg amputated on account of problems from diabetes. And since that time, West has been performing and recording under his personal name, along with his concert events featuring many Mountain songs. Corky Laing formed a brand new project, Corky Laing Plays Mountain, in 2015.

This project included bassist/vocalist Joe Venti and guitarist/vocalist Phil Baker in 2015. For their 2016 United States tour Laing and Venti had been joined by bassist/guitarist Richie Scarlet and keyboardist Ken Sidotti. They perform Mountain music along with songs by West, Bruce and Laing and Cream. And since 2017, Mark Mikel has been taking part in bass with Chris Shutters and Richie Scarlet alternating on guitar in the lineup.

In 2003 West and Laing authored a book of recollections, Nantucket Sleighride and Other Mountain On-the-Road Stories, detailing their time with the band at its peak and their subsequent careers. In early 1969 Leslie West, previously of the Long Island R&B band The Vagrants, put together a band, Leslie West Mountain, with Norman Landsberg (keyboards, bass) and Ken Janick (drums) and started taking part in gigs and recording demos. Right around this time, former Cream collaborator/producer Felix Pappalardi, who had beforehand produced the Vagrants, expressed an curiosity in producing West’s work.

The highest mountain outdoors of Asia is Aconcagua (6,961 m or 22,838 ft), the 189th highest on the planet. As of December 2018[update], the very best peak on 4 of the mountains — Gangkhar Puensum, Labuche Kang III, Karjiang, and Tongshanjiabu, all situated in Bhutan or China — haven’t been ascended. The most recent peak to have its first ever ascent is Saser Kangri II East, in India, on 24 August 2011.