Gregor Clegane


Gregor also wears armor larger and thicker than regular knights would be able to put on, offering him almost impenetrable protection towards his opponents. However, his brother Sandor Clegane (who is also incredibly giant and strong, although not to the same extent as Gregor) was proven to have the ability to duel him evenly. In addition, Gregor’s lack of technical skill allowed Oberyn Martell to overwhelm him in their duel, as Oberyn’s distinctive style of combat relied closely on maneuverability and he used a spear to stay out of Gregor’s reach.

In anger, he bashes in Qyburn’s skull whereas Cersei flees previous each of the brothers. When Jaime made it clear to Cersei that he would join the battle in opposition to the military of the dead with or without her, Clegane all of a sudden prevents him from leaving the room.

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