Home cooking

It’s fantastic rubbed onto chicken or fish, or served at the table to add an extra kick to your dinner. Ras el hanout, a blend of spices including cinnamon and rose petals, gives so much depth to tagines. A zesty mix of sumac, thyme or oregano and sesame seeds, za’atar is another great one to have at home. It’s a wonderful rub, or mixed with oil, it’s a great dip for fresh bread.

  • Get creative and add Quorn Pieces to your chow mein for a delicious noodle dish.
  • For this reason, try to avoid grilling meat, as it just doesn’t provide that hit of heat that you’re after.
  • Never trim it off before you cook it, as it brings a wonderful depth of flavour and succulence that you otherwise won’t get.
  • We embed the key skills of preparing and storing food safely, personal hygiene and knowing when food is cooked.
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