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The Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland used permission granted by the emergency laws to take over the domestic operations of the three largest banks. Icelandic officials, including central financial institution governor Davíð Oddsson, stated that the state did not intend to take over any of the banks’ international debts or belongings. Instead, new banks have been established to tackle the home operations of the banks, and the old banks will be run into bankruptcy.

Despite this, Icelanders emitted sixteen.9 tonnes of CO2 per capita in 2016, the very best in the EU and EFTA, mainly ensuing from transport and aluminium smelting. Reykjavík Airport (RKV) is the second largest airport situated just 1,5 km from the capital centre. RKV serves common aviation visitors and has every day- or regular home flights to 12 local townships inside Iceland. RKV additionally serves worldwide flights to Greenland and the Faroe Islands, enterprise and private … Read More