15 Best Secret Islands In Florida

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This Missouri rental that sleeps 12 incorporates a one-room schoolhouse. Telltale indicators include exposed brick in the master bedroom and a winding staircase hidden away behind a bookshelf that leads to a secret loft bedroom. Better yet, the secret bedroom has its own hidden kids’ play area.

If you’re into the paranormal, all the better, as the proprietor says you’ll be sharing the room with “the ghost of a nice lady.” Tennessee may be the final place you expect to find a medieval castle, but here you go. It sleeps as much as six and includes a secret staircase hidden behind a transferring bookshelf. If that’s not cool enough, you will have your own pub, and the main bedroom ceiling is painted like the Sistine Chapel’s. Outside, there is a multi-level deck with river views, and acres of forest courtesy of a neighboring nature preserve.

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