Re patchy at best, tbf they are apologising for it, so all is forgiven…but I can reveal that there was a breakaway but once again it’s been reeled in. So once again it looks as though we are destined for a sprint finish. Nd it will finish in a sprint finish with none of the breakaways managing to stay out in front. He home hope led the way and was holding off all the challenges coming his way in the home straight BAR ONE – that of Muzala Samukonga.

  • Australia are currently leading the group on nine points, Scotland sit three points behind level with South Africa.
  • Isla Short still sits in second but she’s over 40 seconds behind now.
  • Nd it will finish in a sprint finish with none of the breakaways managing to stay out in front.
  • The sad tale began in November 2020, when excited gamers tore
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Nepal Resumes Limited International Flights, Tourists Still Unwelcome

international flights

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