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Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded certificates from Cambridge Judge Business School and will be able to join the global academic community as participants in this initiative involving the business school. Part I of the book is focused on the impact of fintech on consumers, businesses and the macroeconomy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Part II considers post-pandemic policy implications for enhancing fintech’s effect on inclusive growth. The book brings together original research papers presented at a virtual conference on issues related to fintech and COVID-19 , and their implications for economies in Asia and the Pacific, as well as globally.

  • This article explores how Gtek has shifted from a manual, paper-based process for submitting payment applications, to using Payapps for improved predictability of payments and cash flow.
  • A new book from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Asian Development Bank Institute and Asian Development Bank looks
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Pop-up publishing could be a sensible and practical response to a world hungry for in-depth coverage on certain topics but for only a limited period of time. News organisations will need to get used to this kind of rapid experimentation and a greater level of risk-taking if they are to find new revenue streams and keep up with rapidly changing audience behaviour. Expect to see more publisher-owned news aggregators emerge over the next few years. Facebook broadcast its first live murder, a live robbery, ISIS propaganda and an emoji filled frontline battle. We’ll see more experimentation with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality , but results continue to disappoint for news. There’ll be an explosion of mobile alerts for news, as the battle for the lockscreen heats up.

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If young people are not having a good time, they won’t listen to you as a teacher.” The average age of the … Read More

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Research commercialisation Our research commericialisation activities provide a platform for transforming research and innovation into real-world opportunities. School of Design Fujitsu Hackathon Custom executive education hackathon for Fujitsu employees to collaborate with ten Innovation Design Engineering MA students. As we enter 2021, does this trend mean that the creative art industry is going to experience sluggish growth this year?, a free service offered by Invest Northern Ireland, is the official online channel for business advice and guidance in Northern Ireland. It’s possible that by going to a different supplier for materials or outsourcing a part of your work, you may be able to save a significant amount of time or money.

  • The partners behind the four-year Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage programme have released the findings of a major new report into the current funding landscape for Scotland’s heritage sector.
  • It’s possible that by going to a different supplier for materials
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