The Easiest way to Order Airplane Tickets

The Easiest way to Order Airplane Tickets. When the body is unable to move, the mind is out of focus, and the heart is bored with daily activities, this is a sign that you need a vacation. Because you have to occasionally escape from life and see the world. The beauty of the world and not doing the same things will make you more grateful for life. Start your vacation by looking for a plane ticket that suits you. How to order flight tickets is actually not difficult, especially if you order via the application

Search Flight Routes

The Easiest way to Order Airplane Tickets. First, after you have gathered your unanimous intention and determination, you can continue to open the application. Click the airplane logo and then t-mates will be directed to the next page. Here, how to order flight tickets can be started by choosing the origin of departure and the desired destination. Then end by clicking on the words “search for flights”.

Select Airline Type and Ticket Price

Let’s go to the next step on how to order flight tickets, After finishing selecting the departure date and destination, you will find a list of airlines and hours available on the day previously determined. You can determine which airline you want and the hours to match your vacation plans.

Fill in Complete Personal Data

Then, after selecting the airline and the appropriate time, t-mates will now go to the next step in how to order flight tickets. Especially if not, fill in the correct and real personal data. If you order for someone else, make sure the number being contacted and the name of the buyer is correct according to the KTP (Identity Card). Fill in the details of the order, from the name, the phone number to the e-mail address. Make sure the phone number and e-mail address you enter are active! Because later t-mates will receive an e-ticket in soft copy in the e-mail and there will be a notification that the order has been successful via Whatsapp.

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Select a payment method

You have completed the airplane ticket method, congratulations! The next step to get to your dream vacation is to choose the payment method available at There are many choices of methods you can use, ranging from transfers, credit cards, virtual accounts to via minimarkets. Choose the one that you think is the fastest, most practical and won’t make a hassle later After that, you can pay for the tickets that were ordered according to the amount in the order. Make sure the nominal payment that you will pay t-mates is exactly the same down to the last digit.
That’s the simple way to order flight tickets using the application. You no longer need to bother, you don’t have time or even run out of plane tickets for your vacation plans t-mates.