Tours: 7 Typical Culinary Tours of Malang

Tours: 7 Typical Culinary Tours of Malang

TOURS- A vacation to Malang City seems to be missing something if you haven’t tasted its signature cuisine. There are many culinary delights that you can enjoy when you visit the second-largest city in East Java.

Malang culinary specialties are not difficult to find. Even though it is famous everywhere, the culinary delights of Malang will be more pronounced when tasted in their hometown.

Here are some typical Malang culinary tours that you must try. Don’t worry, it won’t dry out the bag. Because in addition to the distinctive taste, the price is cheap.

Legendary sticky rice post (Pos Ketan Legend)

The Legendary Sticky Rice Post is always crowded with visitors. This legendary cuisine is located around Batu Square, Malang City.

Not too fancy, but the taste is very distinctive. The main menu of Legenda Ketan Post is sticky rice which is added with various toppings such as durian, meses, cheese, jackfruit, banana, and many more.

The price of the food menu at the Legenda Ketan Post starts from Rp. 8,000. You can buy this culinary starting at 15.00-00.00.

President’s Meatballs (Bakso President)

The name Bakso President is no stranger to Malang City. Even though the name is Bakso President, this culinary is not special for the president.

You as an ordinary citizen can also enjoy this meatball with an authentic taste. The location is on Jalan Batanghari No. 5, Malang, East Java.

The price of the President’s Meatballs is quite cheap. Starting from Rp. 10,000, you can enjoy one of these Malang meatballs.

Trip Hero’s Grilled Meatballs (Bakso Bakar Pahlawan Trip)

Besides Bakso President, another meatball culinary in Malang that you must try is Bakso Bakar Pahlawan Trip.

Meatballs that offer a different taste sensation from other meatballs are located in the middle of Malang City, precisely on Jalan Pahlawan Trip No. 3A, Oro-Oro Dowo, Klojen District, Malang City. You will be addicted when you taste this grilled meatball.

Pecel Kawi

Trying to go to Kawi Atas, Klojen, and Malang, there is one typical East Javanese food menu. Not meatballs anymore, this time pecel.

Pecel Kawi has been around for more than 30 years. However, this pecel stall still has many buyers who want to enjoy a serving of pecel, consisting of rice, vegetables, side dishes, and pecel seasoning.

The difference with other stalls, in the Pecel Kawi stall, the seasoning is thicker so that the pleasure when tasting it is more pronounced.

Orem-orem Malang

Some people feel foreign when they hear this one culinary. Even though this tempe-based food is typical cuisine of the city of Malang.

In addition to sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtempeh, pieces of diamonds and bean sprouts are also served, which are doused with coconut milk. It tastes solid and delicious. You must try it when you go to Malang City.

Gajah Mada Noodles Malang

In addition to meatballs, Malang also has a special culinary from noodles. One of the popular ones is Mie Gajah Mada. Even though it is decades old, it doesn’t take away the taste of this typical Malang food.

You can sample Mie Gajah Mada on Jalan Pasar Besar 17A Malang. There are various menus that you can choose from, such as mushroom chicken noodles, special noodles, meatball noodle dumplings, and other noodles. In addition to noodles, there are also other culinary snacks such as dumplings, coconut milk ice, to fish tofu.

Agus’ Chicken Porridge (Bubur Ayam Agus)

The next dish you must try is Agus’ Chicken Porridge. The location is at Jalan Simpang Wilis No. 4 Unlucky.

The distinctive and delicious taste of this porridge can make you addicted. Not only in the morning, but you can also buy this porridge any time until the evening.

Indeed, the name is Agus’ Chicken Porridge, but the menu is not just porridge. You can also order other dishes such as noodles. meatballs and spring rolls.

Boldy Bakpao

Still not satisfied with the cuisine of Malang City? You can also try the Boldy Bakpao. Although it has been established for decades, it does not lose its authentic taste and still survives in the midst of modern food trends.

There are various fillings for bak pau, ranging from peanuts, and green beans, to soy sauce chicken. It will be more delicious if eaten while warm and added to a cup of tea.

You can get this typical Malang cuisine at Jalan Mangun Sarkoro No. 25, Jodipan, Blimbing District, Malang City.

In addition to these culinary delights, in Malang, there are also other culinary delights that you can try, such as Mie Iblis Malang, STMJ Glintung, Warung Mie Setan, and Mie Jogging, Chicken Pakuan, Pia Mangkok Malang.