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The ability to travel easily in and out of the region is a significant factor for professionals doing business here. This seemed to prove that light has a finite speed of travel. White light separates out into its component wavelengths when traveling through a prism. It’s often quicker to travel across country and avoid the major roads altogether. He travelled over 1,000 miles to be at the wedding.

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The Chairman has a constant round of meetings, involving travel to Western Europe and throughout the UK. Make copies of important travel documents like your passport and itinerary. A delegation of officials will be traveling to New Orleans to lobby for the cash. I travel long distances as part of my job, so on vacations I like to stay close to home. Striking the ball when the clubhead is already past the lowest point of its travel gives a slight overspin. More examples It can be difficult to predict the travel of smoke from smouldering fires.

  • Because American practice differs slightly from British practice, there is no one answer.
  • Make copies of important travel documents like your passport and itinerary.
  • The complete movement of a moving mechanical part, esp. a reciprocating part, in one direction, or the distance traversed; stroke.
  • On highways in this country are called, “the law of the road.”
  • If a photon enters such a cell and there is no surface to be found on its present trajectory, then it simply travels forever.

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Basketball To move illegally while holding the ball, usually by taking more than two steps between dribbles or by moving a foot that has been established as a pivot. At that time, travel was already depressed because of the pandemic and winter storms led to thousands of cancellations. Many career nurses like Jones turned to travel gigs during the pandemic, when hospitals crowded with Covid-19 patients urgently needed the help.

It is a collection of rare plants and trees collected during lengthy in the Far East. Travel from place to place, especially on foot and with the suggestion of a roundabout route. The act or state of traveling from place to place. To go from place to place as a representative of a business.

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In the late 16th century it became fashionable for young European aristocrats and wealthy upper-class men to travel to significant European cities as part of their education in the arts and literature. This was known as the Grand Tour, it included cities such as London, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome. However, The French Revolution brought with it the end of the Grand Tour. We build free time into every White Magic Travels vacation, so you can eat, shop, and explore the way you want. Whether you’re into art, music, food, wine, history, or whatever, we give you the freedom to truly personalize your trip with optional excursions that are meaningful to you. Best of all, you can make your selections, and even prepay for most of them.